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Medical News

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Medical News: articles, abstracts, tidbits. etc.
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I'm foureyeddarlin and I'm a medical news addict. My main topics of interest are reproductive, sexual, contraceptive, and fertility issues, breast cancer, cholesterol, weight management, diabetes, medical ethics, and others as I stumble across them. Please feel free to post articles on a variety of topics.

Although I belong to a few news lists, I've found it cumbersome to archive links/articles (often because links break and articles disappear.) So, I created this community as a place to archive. When posting, please include a link to the article itself and an abstract before an LJ cut containing the entire article. Please include a title to your post.

Membership is currently open to all, and posting is open to all members. Depending on how things go, membership and posting may become moderated. I don't intend this to be a place to discuss topics in depth, as there are specific communities for most topics where lengthy discussion is more appropriate. However, I'm sure it will happen since this is the internet. Therefore, on-topic conversations are welcome, but intolerance and/or harrassment will not be permitted. Promoting related communities is acceptable, pimping non-related communities/websites/etc or posting memes is not okay. I expect posters to be mature, respectful, and considerate. I'll allow two warnings, then non-compliant posters will be banned. If trolls appear, please do not feed them or encourage them. Simply report them and they will be taken care of. Posters who are intentionally combative/aggressive/provocative (i.e. a troll) will be banned immediately. Please keep entries work safe, or clearly label posts as non-work safe if questionable and put the contents under a cut. If you have questions or want to report a posting, please contact me at foureyeddarlin at hotmail.com.

With your first post, please include a short intro with who you are and what your main topics of interest are.